Hi! I’m Shane Sater.

Who am I?

Hi! This is me, Shane Sater.

I’m a naturalist, storyteller, and human being with a passion for the natural world around us. I believe that the animals, plants, and other creatures we share this planet with can teach us meaningfully, connect us deeply, and help us heal broken relationships and generations-old traumas. My background is in environmental science and field ecology, with a focus on plants, animals, and insects in the northwestern United States. I hold a BA in Environmental Science from Carroll College (Helena, MT, USA). My undergraduate thesis was a guide to some of the incredible diversity of insects on a local stream restoration site. I’ve volunteered extensively to help restore watersheds and habitats and to share my passion for nature with people of all ages.

Besides nature and community, I’m also passionate about language-learning (and I translate many of my stories to Spanish). I also care deeply about honoring and learning from the diversity of human culture and experience. I acknowledge the Native people of western Montana, including the Blackfeet, Salish, and Kootenai, on whose traditional territories I live. It’s an honor to live and learn on this landscape, which has such a rich cultural history extending back for millennia.

– Shane Sater