Monarch butterfly caterpillar on showy milkweed near Helena, Montana.

Wild With Nature

Welcome to Wild With Nature, where I share bilingual stories of birds, plants, and other creatures, celebrating how nature connects us all.

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Shane Sater

I’m Shane Sater, a bilingual field biologist and naturalist.

You can also find them as narrated podcasts—many of them featuring the voices of wild birds and other creatures—under Wild With Nature on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most other podcast platforms.

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Wild With Nature

The stories of nature fascinate me. Wild With Nature is my way of celebrating and sharing them. The details, of course, are unique to each place on this earth—but the connection is universal.

The connection of water

Every month, I publish stories exploring these rich details and universal themes. I draw on my own depths of experience as a field naturalist in the northwestern United States. In many of my stories, I also collaborate with biologists, artists, and more, celebrating the many ways people can connect with nature.

Polyphemus moth, Helena, Montana

Sometimes I share poems here, too, but there’s no regular publication schedule for those. I also write for magazines, including Montana Outdoors, Permaculture, and BirdWatching

Unless I indicate otherwise, all of the photographs on Wild With Nature are my own.

Porcupine near Helena, Montana

Making more stories bilingual

Bilingual nature podcast

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Supported by community

It might surprise you how much work it takes to produce these stories. Between forming collaborations, making observations and sound recordings in the field, writing, editing, maintaining this website, translating (which I do myself, without using AI), recording podcasts, editing podcasts, publishing, and publicizing, I spend dozens of hours each month on this project. I produce these stories with minimal resources and continue making them freely available to everyone because I believe in this work and I believe that everyone should be able to find a connection with nature. I also hope that, over time, the support for this project will grow and I’ll eventually be able to make a living wage for my time.

In the meanwhile, I rely entirely on collaborations and the support of community members to sustain this creative work. If these stories inspire you, there are many ways you can support me. Share them with your friends, family, and community. Leave a comment. Follow me on Instagram. Rate Wild With Nature on your preferred podcast platform. Make a one-time donation or join the amazing community of people who support me with a recurring monthly donation, from $5 to $50 a month.

Thank you! Your support means the world to me!

– Shane Sater

Tree swallow Idaho Mythweaver