It’s been almost exactly a year since I started writing full-time—and a lot has changed within that year. I’ve shifted my focus from just the Helena Valley to the ways that nature can connect us within the northwestern US and across the world. I’ve added a podcast. Started translating my stories into Spanish. Changed how often I’m writing and had articles accepted for publication in Montana Outdoors, Idaho magazine, and the UK’s Permaculture magazine. I’ve gotten to collaborate with many awesome folks, from biologists to artists. During this year, the work I’m doing and envisioning has grown and changed, in ways both expected and unexpected.

And now it’s time for another change! Recently I’ve been realizing that the name “What’s Going On Out There” no longer describes the work I’m doing, nor does the accompanying website name. This is more than just a blog, and it’s about more than just curiosity. It’s an exploration of nature and culture, an artistic expression through the written and spoken word, and a community-funded platform for a conversation between human beings about our relationship with nature.

An American white pelican at Lake Helena.
An American white pelican at Lake Helena.

So after lots of thought, I’ve decided to change the name of this project. “What’s Going On Out There” is becoming “Wild With Nature”! This week I’ve been hard at work designing a new website, I’ve created a new homepage that speaks to the broader significance and vision of this work—and you can still find all of my articles on the Stories page. I’ve also completely overhauled my Spanish language content so that those of us who hablan español ¡podemos acceder a todas las páginas e historias en español sin tener que buscar entre el contenido en inglés!

I’m still working on putting the finishing touches on the new site… In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating the name of my podcast and Facebook page as well as setting up redirects from my old website. Check the new one out and see what you think! And as always, thanks for believing in me and for all of your support, encouragement, and collaboration. ¡Adelante!

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