Bilingual nature podcast
Calandria castaña (Icterus spurius).
A male orchard oriole forages in a fiberglass plant (Wigandia urens).

The orioles and the thicket

The thicket.
The thicket.
El bejuco de carape.
El bejuco de carape.

Buntings, grosbeaks, and a white-tipped dove

Indigo bunting.
Blue grosbeaks.

When time stops

The white-tipped dove.
The Louisiana waterthrush.

Tierra de Aves

Rebeca Martínez Martínez examines a slate-throated redstart (Myioborus miniatus).

The café and the sparrow

Hints about migration

Baltimore oriole.
The MacGillivray’s warbler that got its band in Wyoming.


An orchard oriole in a capulín (Muntingia calabura) in Oaxaca.

The insects and the birds

La mariposa pavo real con bandas blancas (Anartia fatima).
Banded peacock butterfly (Anartia fatima).

Nashville warblers and western tanagers

Nashville warbler.
Western tanager.

The hope of songbirds

A male painted bunting along the Huatulco River.
A male red-winged blackbird sings along Sevenmile Creek.

A thousand moments of wonder

A female red-winged blackbird carries wasps to her chicks near Sevenmile Creek.

Moments of connection

Orchard oriole along the Huatulco River.
An orchard oriole (a young male or a female) along the Huatulco River.

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